Installation at Desert Archaic gallery of jewelery and painted body parts.

April 21st, 2021

Today we start the transition to our next phase of existence, that is: Intentionally Confusing. Please read more about this new project here.

The short of the long is we are creating a new endeavor as an experiment art and movement laboratory. This will be funded through community support, via people like you.

Desert Archaic, the brick and mortar art gallery we have run nearly a decade will continue to exist in it’s fully glory in sunny downtown Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Please visit it at 324 Broadway every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10a and 5p.

Thank You!
Jeannie & Kyle

Spring 2021 Collections: Adornment · Handloom · Fine Art · Art Clothing

The Life Desert Archaic

Desert Archaic living in a pandemic continuum. This sure has been an interesting plot twist. But maybe plot twists provide the most interesting moments of divergence. Whatever lays ahead we are curious as ever for the future and it’s mysterious ways.

Gallery. Truth or Consequences, NM. Timeless world. Beyond. Desert Archaic is the physical counterpart to this virtual realm you are currently interacting with on your personal terminal. Peruse the annals of the story at your pleasure. Use this map to find us if you are in the vicinity.