The Gallery Alcove

Welcome to this experimental art project. It is, in fact, a work in progress which I will continue for some years to come. The initial inspiration for this project was formed during the quarantines of the first COVID-19 outbreak in the spring and summer of 2020.

The Gallery Alcove is an experiment in showing and selling artwork. It was first inspired by the abrupt end of normal life we all experienced due to COVID-19 in March of 2020, unable to show artwork in any traditional way we started experimenting in new ways of displaying and selling art.

The Gallery Alcove operates under a pay as much as you’d like, honor system method. This is allowing us the opportunity over a long period of time to see just how art is supported in our society, how often it is stolen and how closely what we are paid matches to what we would have priced the work at.

Current Statistics:
Updated: (8:45 AM June 13th, 2020)
Purchased: 0
Stolen: 0

As time passes we will keep track of various metrics collected as this project unfolds. We will continue to update and report details as they occur and and as we come to understand them.

We currently have only the most obvious Purchased vs. Stolen metric on record at this point.

Catalog of Works Displayed:


Riot Gear (June 1st 2020)

Acrylic on Found Panel