Alligator Juniper


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Alligator Juniper burnt out and still living for centuries after the fire.  This one was drawn en plein air up by the Continental Divide in the Black Range of New Mexico.


These are my favorite all time trees and I’ve drawn and painted many of them.


Hand pulled on cotton rag paper.  Each print is created via the intaglio printmaking process. First, the lines of the image on a plate, then inking the plate, wiping the plate, positioning the plate on the press and laying a wet piece of cotton printmaking paper on top of the plate.  The press is then engaged, the big wheel turned and a simply astounding quantity of pressure pushes the wet paper into the lines on the plate where the ink still resides and the print is created.  Magic, since 1430.


Intaglio Drypoint Print
8” x 10”, 11” x 14” Framed