Bangle #2 – Small


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Time is a strange bedfellow peeping in on us all. The cyclic nature of it’s presence is maddening sometimes and hypnotic always, days become weeks become months become years become decades become millenniums become epochs. Then there are all those sub cycles playing of their own rules playing on the same moment but just off a little bit, rotating freely, independently, presently. The cycles stack up, each it’s own story forming the whole which is our life here under the moon.

Bangles are probably the hardest jewelry items or me to make and so each one has flaws and perfections upon it. They are all wild and magical and I never cease to be amused by my excitement as another one comes into existence. Nothing is every really perfect but we are on a sum of the whole game here, as in life, and together these are perfect.



One hundred percent Sterling Silver hand forged by Kyle Parker Cunningham.

SIZE:  Small
LARGEST DIAMETER:  2.13 inches / 54.29 mm
WIDTH: 6.64mm / .26in
CIRCUMFERENCE:  7 1/2 inches / 190 mm

The bangle is irregular in shape so I’ve sized it based on the largest diameter so you may have to position this correctly to squeeze your hand though.  There is a slight amount of give in the bangle allowing it to flex over your hand as well.