Caffeine Triptych


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Coffee.  That most magical substance.  So many ways to get your fix on.  I like them all, each a robust method of brewing the elixir, subtly or maybe even drastically different. Strengths and weaknesses and lots of options.  Best are the strange contraptions found at garage sales. Gorgeous relics from the strata of 20th century design.

I tend towards the aero press, personally, because of the low acidity pulls you can get from them.  But I digress.

Each painting measures 8” by 8”.  They are all on panels prepared with canvas and gesso.  On the reverse is routed a keyhole slot with which the painting is hung on the wall providing a perfect flush fit to the wall.

These  paintings were originally created in 2014 for an exhibit entitled, “Nocturnal Caffeine”.