Cuff #7 – Medium/Large


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Amalgamations of the mind belong in the late of night with the moon full so full it feels like day out there under the expanse which is the universe. It’s best to be out way on the edge of a ridgeline up towards the crest of a mountain range so you can really see the expanse which is typography and the amazing shapes the earth contorts itself into. From that sort of an on the edge of a ridge line spot the heavens seem all that much closer and the moon anchors us properly back down into this dirt we are all from.

Cuffs are my attempt at bringing that particular experience of the moon, way out on a ridge line in the darkness which is only known in the wilderness to your wrist. Cuffs are my trademark piece, they are tricky to make, require a lot of metal and have a high chance of total failure in the process. That makes them all the more wonderful in the end.



One hundred percent Sterling Silver hand forged by Kyle Parker Cunningham.

SIZE: Medium/Large
DIAMETER: 2.29 in / 68.36 mm
OPENING: 1 in / 25mm

Cuffs have some flex to them and are able to fit over the thinnest part of the wrist.