Five Moons (March 7th to 11th 2014)


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These are the first moons I ever painted in this style when I started experimenting with my cyclum lunarem project.  I painted these in color as a sketch to try to see how the various shifts in color would play out.  They are unlike any of the other moons that I have done since this time.

The are the moons from March Seventh to the Eleventh 2014.  There are five moons in this set.

Painted by Kyle Parker Cunningham

Oil on 24kt Gold Leaf on Gesso Panel.

Each Moon is 3 3/8” square.
Installation size is variable, minimum 20” wide

March 2014

Please Note, this does not include all the moons in the photos, just the five ones that are featured prominently.  I’ve included the other items in some of the photos for context as to size and how it looks on a wall.  These photos come from various installations I’ve created at Desert Archaic Gallery over the years.