Five Oil Cans


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I paint these oil cans because they remind me of my Grandfather and the time I spent with him as a kid in his wood shop tinkering, as it were.  I’d sit up on this big red chair and play with the stuff of the shop, jars of bolts and coffee cans of nails and scraps of wood and exotic tools.  It was all amazing to me and the memory of that place brings back the scent of sawdust and a recently used motor and my grandmother outside watering the yard and cooking goolosh in the oven.


These oil cans are painted on found scraps of lumber which I’ve planed down to expose fresh wood and make them rather flat and easier to paint on.  They also, look better this way as well.

These were originally created for an art installation I created in 2017, called Tomorrow.  You can find images of them here.

Painted by Kyle Parker Cunningham

Oil on found wood.

Roughly 3.5 inches by 6 inches each.
Total size variable, minimum 2 feet.

Spring 2017