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Grape Chalcedony Talisman, a Basket of Treasure

Ponder the formation of stone within the womb of Earth

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The root of this piece are the two pieces of Grape Chalcedony from Indonesia, the smaller of which is coated in druzy crystals and has a beautiful sparkle in the sun! From these stones grow a knot-work basket necklace encasing tiny polished pebbles from the Crystal River in Colorado along whose banks this piece was completed. This piece feels like the culmination of years of work entwined within one small object.

At the back is a pull-tie closure which allows for a very secure closure and also insures that the necklace will not fall off, no matter how hard you dance. On the tie are African opelite beads, antique African ‘wound glass’ beads and a small ‘pre-colombian’ rose quartz bead from Central America.

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