Plant Fibers Etherial Scarf


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Soft, simple and ethereal

Handwoven by me in my New Mexico home-studio, this luxurious scarf was loosely woven with a warp of organic cotton/linen and a weft of chunky super soft cotton and linen.

It is lusciously soft, warm and comfy. For everyday wear, a night out, unconventional wedding wear, festival gear, It will keep you warm throughout the winter, or break the chill on a summer night in the mountains.

It is a bit shorter than the Etherial Scarves I’ve been making of late, it is 30 x 59 inches + approx. 6 inches of hand twined fringe on each end.

Easy care – hand wash & hang to dry. It will soften with each wash and wear.

Made with Love!
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