Ring #90 (Reserved for Robyn)


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The final custom ring made for Robyn!



What more can be said about a ring then already has been? I think Tolkien left us fully satiated on this topic but also secretly lusting for a magical ring. This is my answer to the need of magical rings.

Each one of these rings are formed spontaneously and randomly under a carefully controlled fire. I fuse thin layers of metal together to form layered worlds within the ring. There will never be two perfectly alike and all will have defects at some point or another but the point is they are perfect as a whole sum of all these messy little parts.

I especially like to make pairs of rings for couples; it’s a privilege to make such intimate artifacts for partnerships between creatures.

Custom requests please email.


One hundred percent Sterling Silver hand forged by Kyle Parker Cunningham.


BAND WIDTH: .187 in 4.76 mm

All rings can be sized upwards as much as one whole size.  I cannot size down though. Please get in touch if you are worried about sizing.